Tour Packages

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We specialize in Authentic Aboriginal Experiences that exhibit the culture and traditions of the Anishinaabe people on the Manitoulin Island – Sagamok Region.

Enjoy any of these fantastic experiences. Let us share our culture with you.

Teas of Manitoulin

May through October

An interactive experience offering teas of the land where visitors enjoy picking, boiling and tasting tea that is all natural.

Banamick & Berries

May through October

Sample traditional foods harvested from the lands of Manitoulin – an interactive experience where you make bannock over an open fire!

Experience the History, Enjoy the Culture

May through October

A walking tour where visitors experience art galleries, heritage museums and various gift shops!

Medicine Walks

May through October

Participants are guided through different areas of the outdoors while being shown a variety of different plant, tree, herbs, and shrubs with medicinal, practical, edible or spiritual uses.

Canoe Heritage Tour

May through October

For those people who love to paddle, connect with the spirit of water and enjoy picturesque sunsets and sunrises on the calm of the lake.

Mother Earth Hiking Trail

May through October

Site upon a 280 ft high bluff with a 180 degree panoramic view overlooking the “Island of the Great Spirit”. This one’s for the outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Legends of the Land Riding Trail

May through October

Experience the majestic scenery of central Manitoulin on horseback while you learn about legends of the land through your Anishinaabe guide. Rides include bannock & tea!

Specialty Workshops

May through October

Our Specialty Experiences include a variety of hands-on experiences, teachings, and/or workshops based on the time of season. Please call ahead.

Eagle Cloud Crafts

May through October

Enlighten your senses and open your mind to learning with these interactive craft making workshops. Learn the history and craftsmanship of making a traditional Ojibwe craft

Voice of the Drum

May through October

A traditional song and drum experience of your choice. We’ve got something for everyone from beginners to intermediate and to the experienced hand drum singer.


May through October

Indoors or out, night or day, engage in stories of the Anishinaabek people… an activity enjoyed by all.

Fire Building

May through October

Learn to use the environment around you to start and build a fire with no matches or lighters

Traditional Torch Making

May through October

Experience an ancient way of travelling light

Hikers Enthusiast Package

May through October

An overnight stay at the beautiful Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre and a guided hike of the Cup and Saucer. Meals included breakfast and dinner for two people.

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